Wen Shang Elementary School Internet using rules

In accordance with the  Ministry of Education No. 184016 governmental document

1、 Purpose of the rules
  To bring Wen shang elementary school’s internet functions into full play. To  respect the law, and enforce  the rules. Making  it suitable for  teachers , workers and students alike in Wen shang elementary school.
2、 The internet rules committee
  There will be a commissioner to solve the following situations if it’s needed.
Helping the school deal with questions about of internet laws.
  (2) Taking  proper precautions ways to keep the internet safe.
  (3) To propagate the rules of internet use . Guide the users, enabling them to aply the  information correctly,  and to respect the laws and manners.


Other points about the usage of internet.
3、 Respect Intellectual Property Rights
  The users need to respect Intellectual Property Rights.
 Following behavior concerning Intellectual Property Rights should at all times be condemned.
Using the computer formulas without authorization.
  (2) The Illegal downloading and copying of data that is protected by Intellectual Property Rights.
  (3) Uploading the protected data onto public websites without the copyright owner’s permission.
  (4) Transcription of  articles from BBS or other online discussion areas after the author has been forbidden transcription.
Erecting  websites that provide the public  illegally downloaded, protected data.
  (6) Other behavior which may involve to encroach Intellectual Property Rights.
4、 Forbid to abuse the internet systems
  Users should not do the following items:
Disperse  internet viruses or other formulas which may disturb or break the system functions.
  (2) Intercept  internet transmission messages without authorization.
  (3) Use illegal methods ( decipher or steal or replace someone’s ID or code) to use internet resources without authorization. Leaking others ID and code.
  (4) Lend ID to someone for no reason.
  (5) Hide IDs or use fake IDs. But if the users have authorization to hide, it won’t be limited.
  (6) Peek into  someone’s email or files.
  (7) To abuse internet resources,  including using email to send junk emails or messages,   exploding the mailbox , or seize resources to affect the system’s normal operation.
  (8) Use email, online talking , BBS , message center, or similar methods to deceive , slander , insult ,  , harass , abuse , trade illegal software. Post personal political stands, or illegal messages.
  (9) Use the school internet resources to deal with non teaching researches or illegal activities.
  (10) Erect the server without telling the school.
  (11) Use school internet to read  violent restricted websites.
5、 The internet management
  to execute the context of the rules , these are the management items:
Help the internet users set up autonomic mechanisms .
  (2) Separate and control the network's current capacity.
  (3) Users who do not obey  the rules or affect the internet's  normal operation, will be barred from  using the internet.
  (4) To put people in charge of  BBS and other websites. Those people in charge have the right to  delete the perpetrator's articles.
  (5) Other items about the school's internet management.
  Any glitches in the system , should be reported to the internet manager as soon as possible
6、 Protect the network right of privacy
  he school should respect the right of privacy , therefore the school is  not allowed to look into the user’s personal information.. But for the following situations there will be an exemption:
To maintain or check the system's safeguarding.
  (2) According to  reasonable suspicion ,  getting   evidence or investigating improper acts.
  (3) To help the judiciary investigation.
  (4) Other behaviors based on the law.
7、 Result of improper internet usage
  Internet users who break the rules, will be punished in the following manners:
Stop using the internet resources.
  (2) Accept the school regulated punishment.
  If the internet manager against the rules will get a cumulative penalty .
According to the two punishments, if the users break other laws, such as civil law, the criminal law ,copyright law or other related laws, other legal steps will be taken.
8、 The rules have been examined, passed and approved by the school executive council and the principal. Future revisions will also be examined, passed and approved by the school executive council and the principal.