1.National Pingtung University of Education-Department of Education
2.National Kaohsiung Normal University- Institute of Education Graduate
3.National Pingtung University of Education- Institute of Education Administration  Graduate

Past Experience

- Shalum Primary School(Taoyuan county)– 2 years as a teacher
- ChengKung Primary School(Kaohsiung county)– 1 year as a teacher
-sin Da  Primary School(Kaohsiung county)– 1 year as a teacher
-Pang Pu  Primary School(Kaohsiung county)– 5 years as a teacher
-Bao Long  Primary School(Kaohsiung county)– 1 year as a Academic Affairs director
- Wang Gung  Primary School(Kaohsiung county) – 2 years each as a Student affairs Director , General Affairs Director , Academic Affairs director

Educational Vision

Put the student first .To run a school focused on the people. That is my Educational Vision. Let all kids enjoy  good  quality education ,in a multi cultural environment. Each student is valuable and has potential. My teaching philosophy is based on accepting, encouraging , and love . To provide students with the best role models and experience. To give the students confidence and warm friendship, to inspire the students potential and  to let them grow up happily.
1.Teaching all pupils without discrimination-Treat every student like your own child.
2.To teach students in accordance with their aptitude-So that every student can be successful.
3.Declaration of Responsibility - So that parents, teachers and students may feel reassured.

School Ideal

1.Happy students: Respect the differences between  students and create open  minds.
2.Reliable teachers: Establishing a professional teacher department and image.
3.Relieve parents: To cooperate between teachers and parents.
4.Best administration: To establish the best administration, raise the service quality.
5.Cooperate with the community: to combine the resources in the community, and make the school and community work together.


~The biggest prize is getting opportunities. Make your work meaningful.
~ No matter in treating people or doing things, being the second will always bring you extra points.

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